Museum Gift Shop

Museum Gift Shop

Books published by Toguri Museum on sale


The Grace of Graze

The museum collection of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese porcelain ( 114 pages, 117 illustrations 20 in color, published in 1988 )

Price; 500 yen Wt. 0.36kg


Sake Wares and Kakiemon

Sake wares and porcelain in Kakiemon style from the museum collection and a private collection of the Kakiemon Family ( 114 pages, 159 illustrations 42 in color, with narration, published in 1988 )

Price; 500 yen Wt. 0.55kg


Old Imari Porcelain

The museum collection of Old Imari between the mid 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century ( 218 pages, 385 illustrations in color, with narration, published in 1991 )

Price; 5,000 yen Wt. 0.88kg


Early Imari Porcelain

The museum collection of Early Imari porcelain from the beginning to the middle of the 17th century under influence of the Koreans ( 103 pages, 149 illustrations in color, with narration, published in 1997 )

Price; 1,500 yen Wt. 0.53kg


Imari Porcelain with Scroll Design

The book shows selected Imari porcelains from the museum collection, decorated with octopus-like scroll, floral scroll, and other scroll design. ( 60 pages, 161 illustrations in color, published in 1998 )

Price; 2,000 yen Wt. 0.26kg


Commemorative Book of the Millennium Year, 2000

The best selection from the museum collection ( 168 pages, 178 color illustrations, with narration, published in 2000 )

Price; 2,000 yen Wt. 0.82kg

Original goods


A5 format transparent file folders - two motifs

300 yen (each)


150 yen (each)

Magnets three motifs

300 yen (each)

Celadon Bowl, decorated with flower design in underglaze blue

(8,000yen including tax)
* This bowl has been manufactured on the model of our collection.
【Celadon with underglaze blue decoration】
It is a combination of light green glaze and striking underglaze blue. The celadon with underglaze blue decoration has been originated during the Edo period and recognized as one of the most unique and elaborated techinique of Imari porcelain. We have brought this delicate product back in our time by the same manufacturing process with their time.
Please enjoy the revived beauty of the Edo period with your guests or family.